Colin is known for teaching practical methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness – using meditation as the primary tool.

He says, “Retreats create quantum jumps in your personal evolution

He is known as:

  • An intrAnaut & meditation maverick,
  • Author & teacher,
  • Coach, mentor & facilitator,
  • founder of Meditation Teacher College,
  • and IntrAnaut Academy – on the mobile app.

In Colin’s Words

I basically do two things:

  1. Facilitate personal evolution (incl. awakening) via 1-1 coaching or on meditation retreats.
  2. Most of the awakening journey is a process of healing and letting go of the beliefs and stress (in all its forms) that keep us down/asleep. Therefore, I facilitate releasing & untangling through coaching, leading-edge psychotherapies, intuitive healing, and meditation.

My 1-1 service is called, Beyond Willpower. To evolve beyond your limitations you need to go beyond mindset and the use of willpower.

The IntrAnaut Academy supports people to engage with meditation in a fun way. Meditation is a supreme and effective way to open your heart to healing and your personal evolution.

The Meditation Teacher College is for aspiring and inspiring guides, who wish to join me in my mission to awaken as many people as possible during the shift in consciousness evolution happening on the planet right now.

The main vehicle for the academy is the mobile app on Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Colin wants to share and collaborate. If you are a Meditation Teacher or Wellness Expert, talk to him about how you can contribute.

Three Main Types of Client

Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

Having been on a path of recovery from chronic stress, panic attacks and depression, he knows what it’s like to fight for your sanity.

Yet, the tools he found work best are those that don’t have the mind battling itself. It’s not about ‘mindset’. He wrote about it in the ebook “Stress, Anxiety and the Battle for Your Sanity“* and offers many tools to lift you out of the pit.

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The fastest and most effective way out is with 1-1 coaching. That’s why Colin works with people who are prepared to take the long-view, beyond erasing just today’s stress. Depending on your situation: specific tools may work faster on stress than learning to meditate, so Colin facilitates their use when needed.

Talk to Colin about your situation and let’s see if there is a way to support you.

Conscious Leaders as Clients

Colin is an entrepreneur with a social conscience. But he has also gone further than most in his conscious evolution via long retreats. A few on the planet have been graced with spontaneous Enlightenment – from the clutches of wretched despair. Not a path to follow. The rest of us tread a gradual, yet perilous, path. His quest for the Truth of his being and life has led him to profound tools to awaken you to your authentic Self – daily.

He can support you to get out of your own way, go beyond the chronic use of willpower and awaken to your deepest potential with confidence and presence. With this, you may authentically lead and inspire your benefactors, staff, tribe, and JV partners.

Talk to Colin to see if there is a way to support you with your purpose, desired impact and authentic connection.

He aims to do his part in the shift in the evolution of people awakening to their true nature and purpose.

Meditators (new or experienced) as Clients or Students

Over the last two-and-a-half decades, Colin has made more mistakes in his practice than he can count. Yet, he kept going and has been on retreat longer than some monks.

Now, he guides new and regular meditators; so they will miss out on the head-banging frustrations he went through. Gently guiding from the knowledge of why you should not do it that way but do it this way instead. If you want a Meditation Teacher who has deep, practical knowledge of the practices (not just from books or a tradition), connect with Colin.

To benefit from his wisdom, train with him to become an IntrAnaut! If you are already skilled in meditation, and being asked to teach, contact Colin about the Meditation Teacher College.

Talk to him about 1-1 meditation mentoring or the college and let’s see if there is a way to support you.

Current Projects

Lead Trainer Meditation Teacher College

Colin has been studying meditation for over 23 years. Highly renowned monks from various Buddhist traditions have guided Colin while on long retreats. He has been on several solitary, silent retreats for 3-12 months. His path was not to stay within a Buddhist tradition, but his pursuit of Enlightenment and continued insights haven’t stopped.

As Lead Trainer at Meditation Teacher Collegee, he mentors aspiring and inspiring teachers to awaken, so they may authentically lead their students.

Project Leader at IntrAnaut™ Academy

A brand of the college, the academy is aimed at the general public. Colin is developing the IntrAnaut™ Space Project. The aim is to enable those interested in meditation to gain more from their practice. Colin wants you to fully enjoy the fruits of meditation and all that it promises. The definition of meditation from the college:

A purposeful activity of the mind, with seven principles and making use of the two core, or more, of the seven technologies.

~ Meditation Teacher College

Colin as an Author

Writing on meditation, mindfulness, and personal evolution: Colin’s pen-name is Q.C. Ellis.
His latest book is his first paperback:

There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate

On Amazon – see it HERE. There are exclusive, EXTRA resources on the app for book owners. See the code in the back.

To be followed by, “7 Secret Codes of Meditation“.

Most of his ebooks have been unpublished while he updates them as new, revised editions after the launch of his 2nd paperback.

The series of ebooks, Mindfulness: Stop the Struggle includes:

  1. Stress, Anxiety and the Battle for Your Sanity
  2. Gentle Art of Intentional Awareness
  3. Melt Stress With Mindfulness Meditation
  4. Your Authentic Attitudes Make Life Joyful
  5. Developing Your Mindfulness Practice

Other ebooks include:

  • Personal Development: 9 Essential Tips to Get More From Your Books
  • Accessing the Truth of YOU: Truth Protocol Meditation

Book Co-Authorship / Contributions

  • Are YOU The Missing Piece? (received the EIPPY Award for his contribution to this Best Seller)
  • Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude (2021, & 2022 Best Seller, editions)

Background Story

If you wish, you may listen to the background story of Colin Ellis, or read it below.

At 15, Colin was one of the soft kids and the shortest boy in the year. Perfect for the year bully. His school exam grades, apart from Art, were poor. He did enjoy crawling around in the dirt and hiding in nature while playing soldiers.

Despite being a pacifist, he joined the boxing club to get fit. Why? Because Colin decided his confidence needed a boost. He was to join the Royal Marine Commandos (RM) because they were said to be the best, and he had heard the best fitness training is boxing training. At 16, Colin chased the bully out of school and decided to defend the nerdy kids.

Prior to enrolling on the Commando training, Colin was interviewed. The interview report said, “Colin is mouse-like in appearance but should get along well with the lads“. He’d also reached the minimum height.

Just past his 17th Birthday, he could officially wear the green beret. Pride in his professionalism and physical abilities hadn’t overcome his self-esteem issues. He continued to study personal development and became interested in our human potential. While in the Royal Marines, Colin specialised as a graphic designer, and when he left, he started a business – Graphic Design Solutions.

The first time Colin ever stepped onto the grounds of a college was for an interview – to become a college lecturer. He got the job because he gave the non-designers (small businesses) practical, graphic design methods they could use.

Later, Colin trained to achieve the Certificate in Further Education, and developed courses on Personal Development.

The next decade is where it starts to get interesting…

In a book, Colin saw an article about a non-denominational organisation that teaches healing. He thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the laying-on-of-hands works!?” It does. While training, his mentors said, “You need to learn to meditate.

Looking for the best way to learn, he found Buddhist monks teaching meditation locally at the Compassion Centre. He had worked out, “My small compassion invites BIG compassion, which heals“, so this seemed perfect. Within 18-months, Colin was on his first long retreat (for 9 months) at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre in the forest of Ae, within Dumfries (on the Scottish Borders).

The drive to explore our human potential didn’t leave him. It became clear that Enlightenment (or Awakening) is an outstanding, meaningful, yet accessible part of our human potential.

Although Colin gleaned immense insight from Venerable Kelsang Tharchin and others from that tradition, his destiny was not to stay.

The life path for some people includes experimenting with all the ways not to do it right. For example, Colin found out why; to ‘meditate like a Commando‘ is the wrong way to do it! This error taught him: accumulated stress can undermine everything! He went from, ‘Mr. Positive’ to ‘Mr. Negative’ within a day of having panic attacks. He found himself exploring anxiety and depression. It took a decade to climb out of that pit.

Over the next two decades, he explored other Buddhist traditions, shamanic practices, and other spiritual paths. The quest for Enlightenment never left, and he continued to gain greater insights. He says, “Although a few souls gain a sudden awakening, the rest of us get there gradually, insight by insight.

There are lots left out of this quick resume. Here are a few highlights (not mentioned elsewhere):

  • Colin developed and taught certified courses at colleges. These were on Personal Growth and verified by national accreditation bodies. He also became an Assessor of others’ self-improvement programmes.
  • He qualified in pioneering therapies, including Thought Field Therapy (VT-TFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master NLP), Hypnotherapy (Dip.Hyp.), and studied/trained in others.
  • Colin has been on several 3-to-12 month retreats in solitary and silence.
  • He taught Mindfulness to participants for the charity, Anxious Minds (showing clear evidence of the benefit of meditation).
  • Colin also qualified in a process to facilitate Satori.

His is a story of ups and downs, and it hasn’t finished…
Colin now says, “I’m driven to be a part of the conscious evolution of the planet. Let me know how I can support you on your journey.

Where do you want to go now?

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