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Which COLIN are we talking about?

All the photos are of the same guy. But there are tons of men called Colin Ellis. This is why his author pen-name is Q.C. Ellis.

This Colin, is the Lead Trainer at Meditation Teacher College.
He is the guy you see in the app, Meditation & Wellbeing – from IntrAnaut™ Academy.

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Beyond Willpower Coach

Two types of client:

Those Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

Having been on a journey of recovery from chronic stress, panic attacks and depression, he knows what it’s like to fight for your sanity. Yet, the tools he found work best are those that don’t have the mind battling itself. It’s not about ‘mindset’. He wrote about it in the ebook “Stress, Anxiety and the Battle for Your Sanity“*, and offers many tools to lift you out of the pit. You are too unique a soul for a stress-reduction course to fit your needs. The most effective, and fastest, way out is 1-1 coaching with someone who has natural healing gifts and a comprehensive toolbox of pioneering therapeutic methods.

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Conscious Leaders

Colin supports conscious leaders to get out of their own way, go beyond the chronic use of willpower and awaken to their deepest potential with confidence and presence. His quest for the Truth of his Self and life, has lead him to profound tools to awaken you to your authentic Self on a daily basis. The ability to uncover your deepest Truths whenever you need to, takes decision-making for your life (or business) beyond any model, system or tactic.

Author Q.C. Ellis

Writing on the topics of meditation, mindfulness, and personal evolution. Most of his ebooks have been unpublished while he updates them as new, revised editions – after the launch of his first paperback.

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Two paperbacks – due to be published in Summer 2022 –

There are Only
7 Ways to Meditate

The Kindle & paperback versions are now available on Amazon.
See the book HERE

7 Secret Codes of Meditation

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To be published SOON.

Meditation Teacher College

Independent, not-for-profit social enterprise providing CPD, training & mentoring to cultivate adept Meditation Teachers. Colin is the founder and Lead Trainer.
The college aims to benefit everyone
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Mobile App

Meditation & Wellbeing
from IntrAnautâ„¢ Academy

Free app –

IntrAnautâ„¢ Academy

Become a space cadet! Just as astronauts explore outer space, an intrAnaut dives deep into the infinite space of their mind.

The IntrAnaut™ Academy is being established to develop the training and resources for inner-space travel. A new venture – a brand of the Meditation Teacher College – aimed at providing robust training and resources to those interested in meditation.

You’ll see the IntrAnaut Space Project roll-out via the app.

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